10 Things to Consider When Selecting an SEO Company

SEO is big business and the right company can produce exceptional rewards for your business but with so many SEO companies springing up every week or claiming to be the best, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Many businesses fall prey to deceptive advertising and end up paying good money for poor results. With so many companies offering top 10 positions, guaranteed results and more we’ve listed 10 things to look out for before engaging an SEO company.

1. Be wary of self proclaimed “Number 1? SEO companies. Such companies tend to use aggressive sales tactics to attract unwary clients. Their websites will display pages optimized for phrases such as “Number 1 SEO Company in Los Angeles” etc. The simple fact is that there is no such thing as a Number 1 SEO company. These are nothing but deceptive advertising claims designed to hook you in.

2. Be wary of companies who publish deceptive #1 results for their clients. Often these companies will display results for their clients on phrases that are very poor or required no SEO to achieve. These phrases often include brand names or product names.

For example:

“Acme company Christmas candles” – this phrase requires no skill to rank number 1


“christmas candles” requires a lot of skill to rank number 1.

3. Be wary of the “big” SEO companies.
 Often they will have you believe that because they’re big they’re better. The simple fact is that size does not matter at all in SEO, it’s results that count!

Often, big companies are only interested in big clients and most definitely big fees. Big fees have to finance big overheads and big salaries. Big SEO companies also have high staff turnover and unless you’re a big client you can be just a number so service levels may not be what you would expect.

We have regularly produced better results for our clients, many of whom have had previous experiences with big companies. Our fees are on average 50% lower than the big SEOS so ask yourself – why pay twice as much for the same results?

4. Be wary of self proclaimed “original” SEO companies.

There are countless so called SEO companies claiming to have been doing SEO since 1995 so it’s safe to brush aside such claims. Google didn’t emerge in any capacity till around 1998 and the term Search Engine Optimization wasn’t even coined till around 1997. In Hawaii the internet was fledgling and very few companies were offereing SEO at all – we should know – we knew who our competitors were.

The fact remains that many of these self proclaimed original SEO companies were nothing more than web design companies who jumped on the SEO bandwagon around 2001 when SEO became popular. Bear in mind too, that some of these old hands are still using outdated SEO techniques.

5. Beware of SEO firms displaying awards, accreditations and other accolades. These are entirely deceptive and have nothing whatsoever to do with any professional standard. SEO is as yet an unregulated industry with no officially recognized body. Accreditations can be bought and even Google accreditation does not mean good SEO. Remember this – Google is still a commercial company with a secret algorithim. Many of the best SEO companies have no accreditation whatsoever – they just get great results.

6. Avoid any company giving guaranteed results. No one (except Google, Yahoo etc) can guarantee a result.

7. Avoid any company claiming to know or have cracked the Google algorithim.
 No one except Google knows this.

8. Avoid any SEO company who guarantees you specific traffic. No one can guarantee you specific traffic.

9. Avoid any company who guarantees sales/conversions.
 You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink as they say. No one can guarantee sales or conversions.

10. Avoid at all costs any SEO firm who offers you a set package. 
Even two companies selling the same product will require different levels of SEO.


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