Increase Impressions

Impressions – when a person sees your website ad or link on a search engine

How do you increase the number of impressions your website receives?

Buy forced traffic (easy but traffic is not targeted very well and a person is not expected to see it, it may be blocked by pop-up blockers)

Buy PPC from,,, etc. (easy but expensive)

Optimize your website to get free listings. (difficult, time-consuming but free)


Have you tried offline advertising to promote your website?

Have you tried magazine ads?

Have you tried newspaper standard ads and classified ads?

Have you tried radio ads?

Have you tried TV infomercials?


Do you track PPC advertising campaigns? Use google adwords/analytics

Do you analyze PPC searches? Use google adwords/analytics

Do you analyze potential traffic? Use google adwords/analytics

Do you use time split tests?

Do you use Pay-per-click? It keeps getting more competitive and increasing your bids is not the answer.

Does your website lose bucket loads of money each day because it does a terrible job of selling to visitors?


Do you use social networking?

Do you use a blog such as or

Do you use youtube, facebook, digg, linkedin, stumbleupon?

Have you created a facebook page for your site?

Have you created a RSS feed from your blog? Try google’s

Do you mention leaders in your field?

Do you make your blog lively?

Do you write press releases at least once a month? Try or

Do you advertise your site through forums and discussion boards? Don’t overdo it though.

Do you write authority posts?

Do you reply to comments left on your blog? It’s a good practice