Increase Page Views

Page Views – the number of pages a person views on your site, (it’s time consuming to write quality content)

Have you found out how and why people visit your website?

How do you track sales leads? Use google analytics

Have you tried to improve all inner pages surfers ignore?

Do you track online initiatives?

Do you use free listings on search engines to drive traffic to targeted landing pages?

Do you use PPC listings on search engines to drive traffic to your targeted landing pages (google, yahoo, msn)?

Do you use traffic programs to force semi-qualified visitors to your site (adbrite,, Could help alexa and compete rankings.

Are you familiar with web analytics basics? Use Google Analytics for free?

Do you gather your website statistics?

Do you use customer surveys? Your customers know why they ordered. And why they nearly didn’t. Ask them about it. SurveyGizmo or surveymonkey are good.

Do your visitors prefer your competitors’ products? Why?

Do you create quality content?

Do you analyze all your inbound and outbound links? Axandra

Do you keep an eye on links which fail?

Do you delete links which cause traffic loss?

Are you always learning new SEO strategies?

Do you make your site Google-friendly? Use unique content, use copyscape to check

Do you use meta tags effectively? Check how top websites use their meta-taggs

Do you optimize each page for a separate keyword? Try

Do you give a title to each page using the keyword it was optimized for?

Do you give a keyword to each directory name using the keyword it was optimized for?

Do you make the most of on-page search engine optimization? Use axandra

Have you created an easy and functional sitemap with links to all inner pages?, free sitemap creators. Try

Do you pay careful attention to the structure of links and their concentration? Use

Do you work on link building? and have SEO friendly systems

Accept links only from sites with relevant and quality content?

Do you identify your field’s gurus and link to them?

Do you deep-link into your site?

Do you add a page inviting people to link to you or bookmark to you?

Do you check the number of inbound and outbound links on each separate page linking to your site?

Do you focus on receiving one-way links?

Do you study referrers? Analyitcs

Do you make sure your site is easy to navigate in different browsers and computers?

Do you design your site for both humans and search engines?

Have you chosen a catchy domain name?

Is your most critical targeted keyword a part of the domain name? Not necessary, but helpful.

Do you use a reliable host for your website? See how much bandwidth and space it provides each month.

Do you make the main page and inner pages easy to show up in the search engines?

Do you test different versions of your ‘About Us’ page that shows you as real people, not some cold faceless corporation?

How consistent is your message? Do whatever you can to keep your message consistent all the way from advertisement through to order placement.

Do you cross-sell to your customers and provide additional offers. Don’t overkill it like godaddy does.

Do you have a refer-a-friend program placed on the order confirmation page?

Do you make your website navigation easy?

Do you use frames for navigation purposes? Most search engines penalize site with frames.

Do you have to click several times to make purchase?

Do you make links easily to remember?

Is your contact page contain your address, email and phone number easily found? Toll-free numbers are preferable. Live voice answering is nice. If not, the voice mail navigation should be easy and quick to follow.

Do you allow more and inexpensive ways for customers to contact you? Skype, boldchat, IM, toll-free number, email.

Do you write accurate and understandable shipping and returns policies?

Do you upload large images on your site? They can slow down your site.

Do you identify problematic areas and improve them?

Do you avoid special software requirements for browsing your products/services such as plugins other than flash?

Do you conduct usability tests? Ask your friends to help you out.

Do you use eyetracking software? It show the location on a computer screen that people look at.

Do you use clickmapping? CrazyEgg is a free service that allows you to see the parts of your page that your visitors click on.

Do you consider yourself as a master tester?

Do you understand that web analytics tells you what visitors are doing, but usability testing tells you why.

Do you use a focus group for usability tests?

Do you use entry pop-ups and exit pop-ups? Many browsers block them since they are annoying.

Do you tested your website using different browsers and screen resolutions, to see how your customers see it? Handy tools for doing this are and

Have you minimized your site load times? People will normally wait 4-8 seconds to look at a site before they move on somewhere else.

Is your site search feature working?

Have you made everything on your site clickable? Visitors click on everything, pictures in particular.

Do you split advertising into channels to test the following and measure which brings in the most revenue: different sizes, shapes, positions, colors of ad?