Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment – General

Do you know how many people abandon their shopping carts before they reach the final checkout page? Your web analytics tool will show you exactly how many do.

Do you put insecure image or links in your checkout pages? If you do many people will abandon your cart right away.

Do you put too many tracking codes on your checkout pages? They may slow or stop your pages. You may only want to use the google adwords and yahoo tracking codes since they are more robust and trustworthy.

Do you repeat your offer and main benefits on the first page of your shopping cart or order form?

Do you understand that some customers click on the ‘Buy Now’ button just to see what the price and shipping cost will be, so you don’t want to miss out on this chance of persuading them? See if your eCommerce software can allow shoppers to preview shipping costs before they enter the shopping cart.

Do you ask for too much information in the shopping cart, which can be tiresome and off-putting for the customer. Do you really need their fax number before they place an order? Try to streamline the ordering process as much as possible.

Do you show thumbnail photos of the products in your cart to increase the likelihood of customers completing their order?

When you ask for information, do you explain why you need it?

Under the email field, do you say something like “We hate spam as much as you do” – and consider including the McAfeeSecure/HackerSafe logo?

Under an email newsletter opt-in box, do you have a link to your privacy policy?

Under the “Order Now” button, do you remind customers of your guarantee and returns policy?

Do you show additional ways of ordering? By toll-free number, will-call.

Does your shopping cart software fit your business?